Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Pulpit Magazine

Principle v. Preference by Lance Quinn

Lance explains the Elders task in applying principle v. preference and balancing unity when making decisions for the local church.

Slice of Laodicea

Bible Increasingly Irrelevant in the U.K. by Ingrid Schlueter

The sad consequences when our cousins across the Atlantic reject God's Law. Is America next?

Dr. Mohler's Blog

The Orthodox are Finished by Al Mohler

The Episcopal Church will begin ordaining homosexuals or the continual demise of the main line denominations.

The Lawman Chronicles

Consider the Lillies in the Field by Tony Miano

Tony and the gang evangelizing at the North Hollywood train station.

Irish Calvinist

'Getting the Bird' by Erik Raymond

Erik sees a dead bird and explains Leviticus chapter 1.

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