Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Ligonier Blog

Avoiding a False Theology of Suffering by R.C. Sproul

The suffering of Christ cannot be found on your merit, but only on His.


25 things I've learned by Dan Phillips

Classic repost by Dan Phillips

Desiring God Blog

One of the Most Important Principles in Reading the Bible by John Piper

John Piper explains one of the most important principles when reading and studying Scripture.

Voice of the Sheep

Passionate Preaching by Brian Thornton

Whether you're preaching in the pulpit or teaching in a Bible study, you should be preaching or teaching with passion.

Hip and Thigh

Bob's World by Fred Butler

Fred answers comments from an evolutionist who frequents his blog site.


"FIGHTING MAD" or other articles of interest

Religion News Blog

Canada says will not appeal Bountiful polygamy case

First homosexuality, now polygamy. Is this the beginning of the legalization of polygamy?

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