Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Dr. Mohler's Blog

Newsnote: Tiger Woods Buddhist Confession by Al Mohler

Dr. Mohler comments on Tiger Wood's recent press conference confession.

Irish Calvinist

Give 'em Good Fish and Chips by Erik Raymond

Erik shows pastors that preaching a Biblically clear and simple message can be effective. 

Desiring God Blog

How I Almost Quit by John Piper

John Piper shares an excerpt from his journal about a time when he almost quit.

Ligonier Blog

What is the Goal of Becoming a Christian? by R.C. Sproul, Jr.

R.C. Sproul Jr. talks about the Christian's real goal in becoming a Christian.


Jingonistic "Contextualization" by John MacArthur

Phil takes an excerpt from Dr. MacArthur's recently released book, "Ashamed of the Gospel".

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