Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Here Comes the Judge by Jim Savastio

Jim explains the Christian view of judging others, and how Jesus is the ultimate judge.

RBS Tabletalk

May Christians Challenge Their Elders? by John Reuther

John describes the proper relationship between the Elders and their flock.

Institute for Nouthetic Studies Blog

All You Need by Jay Adams

Jay Adams reviews the principle of sola scriptura in Biblical counseling.

God Knows Why by Jay Adams

Jay has a conversation over the sovereignty and providence of God.

Dr. Mohler's Blog

The Scandal of Gendercide – War on Baby Girls by Al Mohler

Al Mohler describes the gendercide of baby girls in China and India and the future consequences of such action.

"FIGHTING MAD" or other articles of interest

American Open Air Preacher is Arrested and Charged for Homophobia.  

American open air preacher, Shawn Holes, is arrested, charged, and fined for homophobia after open air preaching to a group of homosexuals. Related articles:

Living Waters

Please Pray, Persecution in Glasgow

Luke 2:10 Ministries

Out of Jail by Shawn Holes

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