Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Dr. Mohler's Blog   

Mission and Metropolis: The Church and the City by Al Mohler 

Dr. Mohler describes the new challenge facing the church in the 21st century, as cities continue to grow and become more diverse.  


Charismatics and Qu'ran burning/not burning Terry Jones by Dan Phillips 

Dan Phillips on charismatics, Qu'ran burning/not burning, and Terry Jones.  

Apprising Ministries  

John MacArthur: Fuller Seminary Found the World A Fickle Mistress by Ken Silva

Ken posts a quote from John MacArthur's book, Ashamed of the Gospel, concerning Fuller Seminary.  

Brian McClaren Speaks as a Universalist by Ken Silva  

Ken Silva on Brian McClaren's universalist theology.  

Ligonier Blog 

The Triune God: Beautiful and True by Harry Reeder

Harry Reeder describes the truth and beauty of our Triune God in his article from this month's Tabletalk Magazine.

"FIGHTING MAD" or other articles of interest 

NBC Connecticut 

Muslims protest moment of silence by Lauren Petty 

Hartford City Council backs down from original plan of letting Muslim Iman pray prior to city council meeting after receiving numerous complaints from citizens. City council held a moment of silence instead. Muslims protest action taken by City council.  

J.C. Ryle Quotes

Don't miss this weeks series on Godly parenting from J.C. Ryle Quotes based on Dr. Ryle's book, "The Duties of Parents".  

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