Friday, August 19, 2011

Fighting Five Articles of Interest: More on the Mark Driscoll Fiasco, Al Mohler on a new abortion procedure, Tim Challies analyzes the C.J. Mahaney situation, and more. . .

The Cripplegate

Sin Makes You Stupid by Clint Archer

Clint Archer uses Samson's folly to illustrate how sin makes you stupid.

Dr. Mohler's Blog

This Isn't Meddling, This Is Murder by Al Mohler

Dr. Mohler comments on a new abortion procedure called reduction which allows a woman to abort multiple babies and choose the one they want.

Reformation Theology

A Man of Two Questions by John Samson

John gives some wise counsel to pastors regarding their time spent in preparing to preach God's Word.

The Christian Post

John MacArthur Denounces Mixing Booze With Ministry by Audrey Barrick

Article from the Christian Post on John MacArthur's series on the Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement specifically dealing with the issue of alcohol in public ministry.

C.J. Mahaney and Difficult Days by Tim Challies

Tim analyzes the C.J. Mahaney situation.

"FIGHTING MAD" or Other Articles of Interest

More on the Mark Driscoll Fiasco:


Let's Not Dance Around the Real Issues by Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson comments on Doug Wilson's attempted defense of Mark Driscoll's graphic visions.

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