Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Pulpit Magazine

The Importance of a Good Example, by John MacArthur

John describes a recent sports story involving a high school basketball coach and how being a good example to young people is better than winning championships.

Tim Challies

Sharing the Gospel in the Gay Village, by John Bell (guest blogger)

Tim's friend John Bell, pastor of New Baptist Church in Toronto, shares his experiences evangelizing the LGBT community. This article does a good job in describing and giving an example of one aspect of evangelism which is friendship/relationship evangelism especially in the challenging enviroment of the LGBT community.

Reformation Theology

Understanding Romans 10:17, by John Samson

Does one only believe in Reformed Theology/Calvinism because he has heard it multiple times? John Samson answers this question.


Principles in Reformed Apologetics/Evangelism, by John Hendryx

John Hendryx gives some insight into Reformed Apologetics/Evangelism.

"FIGHTING MAD" or Other Items of Note

Pulpit Magazine

The Marks of Saving Faith, Part 1, by John Mac Arthur

The Marks of Saving Faith, Part 2, by John Mac Arthur

What are the characteristics of a true believer? John examines this issue in these two very helpful articles.

Los Angeles Times

Robert Schuller taps his daughter to lead ministry's grand comeback, by Dana Parsons

Robert Schuller chooses his heir apparent.

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