Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fighting Five Items of Interest


N.T. Wright on Hell by Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips critique on N.T. Wright's unbiblical view of hell.

Institute of Nouthetic Studies Blog

"Church" by Jay Adams

Jay Adams short yet insightful description of the church.

Possessing the Treasure

The Lamp of the Body, by Mike Ratliff

Spiritual insight is only given to those that have repented and believed in Christ and in humility have relied totally on the authority of His word.

by Faith, The Web Magazine of the Presbyterian Church of America

The Current Case of Our Policy on Female Deacons, by Ligon Duncan

The Case of Commissioning (and not) Ordaining Deaconesses, by Tim Keller

Interesting debate between Ligon Duncan and Tim Keller on the ordination of female deacons.

Reformation 21

Calvinism and Worldliness, by Iain D. Campbell

Campbell's short critique of Peter Masters' (Metropolitan Tabernacle) article on contemporary Calvinism: "The Merger of Calvinism and Worldliness". In Master's article, Masters' pretty much criticizes everything that's wrong with contemporary Calvinism especially the charismatic style of worship at certain Christian conferences ("Resolved") and a lack of adherence to following the Sabbath (Sunday Sabbatarianism). Masters' article makes an interesting read from his perspective, but he takes an unfair shot at those who do not agree with his particular view of Calvinism. Dan Phillips (Pyromaniacs, Biblical Christianity) also comments on the Masters' article: "On Peter Masters' Rant: in which I add only one small thought to Messrs. Turk and Wilson". Here is Frank Turk's reply to the Masters' article: "Jiggling One's Jenga"

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