Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Dr. Mohler's Blog

Free to Live and Love as We See Fit? by Al Mohler

Dr. Mohler analyzes the potential consequences of the hate crimes law bill that was recently passed by Congress.

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

The Blessedness of Blindness? by James White

James White on Jesus and the blind man in John chapter 9.

Ligonier Blog

Confronting Darkness by R.C. Sproul

Are we headed toward a return to the Dark Ages?

The Reformed Evangelist

Myth of Free Will by Walter Chantry

Does man have a free will to choose?

Reformation Theology

The Main Difference Between Calvinist and Non-Calvinist Views of Saving Grace by John Hendryx

John responds to forum posts concerning the difference between Calvinist and Non-Calvinist views of saving grace

"FIGHTING MAD" or other articles of interest


U.S. Churches Pave Way for Catholic Switch – The Vatican

One of the consequences of liberal theology invading the main line denominations; a return to Rome.

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