Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Dr. Mohler's Blog

Dr. Mohler discusses the massacre at Ft. Hood, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, Dr. Phil, and medicalizing morality.

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Soul Food by Steve Marquedant

Jesus and the feeding of the five thousand.     Popularity v. the faithful teaching of God's Word.

Pros Apologian Blog

Dr. White discusses an article published in Great Britain describing the true objective of the homosexual movement.

Puritan Fellowship

Robert Murray Mc’Cheyne explains why having a relationship with Christ is more than just head knowledge.

Ligonier Blog

Doctrine Applied by Robert Rothwell

Robert describes the practicality and importance of doctrine applied in the book of James. 

"FIGHTING MAD" or other articles of interest

Fox News

Atheist groups are continuing to grow on college campuses the last few years.

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