Monday, December 14, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Reformation Theology

The Doctrine of the Trinity and the Means of Christian Mission by Nathan Bingham

Nathan explores the relationship between the Trinity and missions.

Press On Until Glory

What's Missing? by Leon Brown

How the Christian's joy is one of the keys to effective evangelism.

Camp On This

A Godly Man is a Humble Man by Thomas Watson

Steve provides an excerpt on humility from Thomas Watson's classic work, "A Godly Man's Picture".

Desiring God Blog

Simon the Pharisee: The Fuel of True Love for God by Jon Bloom

Jon shows an example of true love and forgiveness from Scripture when Jesus visits Simon the Pharisee's home.

White Horse Inn Blog

From a Movement to a Church, Part 4 by Michael Horton

Dr. Horton's final post in his series concerning parachurch ministries replacing the church.

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