Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Reformation Theology

The Greatness of the Love of Christ by Nathan Bingham

Nathan shows us the greatness of the love of Christ throughout Scipture.


Proverbial perspectives at the year's turn by Dan Phillips

Balancing our human planning while taking into consideration God's will for this upcoming New Year.

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Paul: War-Monger for the Truth by James White

Why standing for the truth is so important when practicing apologetics.

Institute for Nouthetic Studies Blog

Providential Living by Jay Adams

Jay Adams reviews his life and ministry and shows us God's providential direction in his life.

Possessing the Treasure

Stand Firm as the Day of the Lord Approacheth by Mike Ratliff

Mike implores us to stand firm in the faith and to beware of the man of destruction.

"FIGHTING MAD" Or Other Articles of Interest


Megachurch pastor asks for urgent donations by The Associated Press

Saddleback Church faces budget deficit. Rick Warren asks his congregation for $900,000 by January 1.

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