Friday, January 15, 2010

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Dr. Mohler's Blog

NewsNote: Thinking Green – The New Religion by Al Mohler

Dr. Mohler explains the new faith and religion of "environmentalism".

A Slice of Laodicea

The Crucifixion of Brit Hume by Matt Barber

Matt describes more of the secular media's reaction over Brit Hume and his comments concerning the Tiger Wood's situation.

Desiring God Blog

8 Reasons for Biblical Preaching by Nick Laparra/Sam Storms

Sam Storms gives us eight reasons for Biblical preaching.

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Quick Thought on a Busy Day by James White

Dr. White takes a quote from William Gurnall's, "Christian In Complete Armour" and encourages us to keep our focus on God even in the most trying circumstances.

Possessing the Treasure

The High Calling of God by Mike Ratliff

The highest calling for the Christian is his continuous pursuit of Christ.

"FIGHTING MAD" or other articles of interest

The Wall Street Journal

Islamic Christianophoia (Opinion Europe)

The Wall Street Journal reports that Christians persecuted in Muslim countries are largely ignored by the West.

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