Monday, January 11, 2010

John Owen: Vain Curiosity and Carnal Boldness (Spiritual Mindedness - Banner of Truth)

Vain Curiosity and Carnal Boldness

John Owen

"Vain curiosities and carnal boldness are two attitudes which will destroy all reverential fear of God. It is amazing how men will enter into vain speculation about the nature, properties and purposes of God, intruding into things God has not thought fit to reveal. Such vain speculations have only corrupted and made useless these great doctrines. When the minds of men are taken up with such speculations, 'God is not in all their thoughts', even when all their thoughts are of him. When men enter into vain speculations about God, they bid farewell, for the most part, to all godly fear and reverence. Others are so under the power of carnal boldness that they show no more respect to God than they would to worms of the earth like themselves. There is no holy awe in their minds and souls when they mention his name. So carnal boldness also destroys reverential fear of God."

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