Monday, August 10, 2009

Fighting Five Article of Interest


Whither Evangelicalism? by Phil Johnson

Evangelicalism's final demise?

Dr. Mohler's Blog

Polyamory – The Perfectly Plural Postmodern Condition by Al Mohler

The next step after acceptance of homosexuality – polygamy.

Institute for Nouthetic Studies Blog

A Higher Life? by Jay Adams

Jay explains J.I. Packer's encounter with Keswick/Higher Life theology from Packer's book "Keep in Step with the Spirit".

The Blazing Center

Give Your Prayer a Kick in the Pants by Stephen Altrogge

Stephen suggests one way to jump start your prayer life.

Possessing the Treasure

Belonging to Jesus and Life in the Spirit by Mike Ratliff

The differences between those that are regenerate and those that are in the flesh.

"FIGHTING MAD" or other articles of interest

The Blazing Center

Find People Interesting by Mark Altrogge

Mark explains how caring about people by listening to what they have to say may lead to an evangelistic opportunity.

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