Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Possessing the Treasure

The Cost of Following Christ by Mike Ratliff

The importance of repentance in true saving faith.

The State, South Carolina's Home Page

Church Bans Six Dissident Members by James Davis (Sun Sentinel)

Sad story about Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (former senior pastor D. James Kennedy). There is apparently a church split over their new senior pastor.

Reformed Baptist Fellowship

Pastor Don't Crack My Egg-Shell by Mark Chanski

The pastor is a physician of souls not a man pleaser.

RBS Tabletalk

God's Great, Unconditional Love by Bill Hale

God's sovereign grace in election is based on His great love for us.

Ligonier Blog

Conforming to God's Holiness by R.C Sproul

Why the pursuit of holiness is important in the believer's life.

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