Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fighting Five Articles of Interest

Institute for Nouthetic Studies Blog

One Way Cults Begin by Jay Adams

How do cults begin? Jay Adams answers that question.

Dr. Mohler's Blog

The Case for Early Marriage by Al Mohler

Are younger Evangelicals delaying marriage to their detriment?

Be Swift My Soul to Answer Him; Be Jubilant My Feet

The Privilege of Prayer by C.B. Shearer

C. B. Shearer on the importance of prayer.

Press On Unto Glory

Should Women Open Air Preach?, Part 1 by Leon Brown

Leon Brown on why women shouldn't open air preach.

The Religious Hell Hole by Tim Challies

What happens to babies when they die? I actually take the opposing view of Tim's argument concerning babies going to heaven or not. For the opposing view, see John MacArthur's "Safe in the Arms of God". Also Phil Johnson did an excellent sermon on the same topic several years ago called "What Happens to Infants Who Die?" This sermon is available on Phil's sermon sight called "Sword and Trowel". The sermon was delivered on January 30, 2005.
"FIGHTING MAD" or other articles of interest
Possessing the Treasure
Mike Ratliff continuing on the topic of false teachers.

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